ABOUT Gospel24Seven

Worship is how we live our everyday lives in response to our loving God. The objective of the Gospel24Seven is to glorify God through the medium of music. Gospel24Seven enables everyone to celebrate their faith through God’s gift of music anywhere and at anytime.

Music transports us emotionally to a different place and at its best makes us feel refreshed, relieved, and renewed. God’s transforming love and power can be experienced within a broad variety of aesthetics, music being one of them. Gospel24Seven seeks to celebrate and give honor to God through a diverse and eclectic music collection in order to best glorify our God and serve both our community and our world.


Music is a means of worship and praise (Psalm 67:3; Psalm 150, Revelation 5:8-12)

Music is an effective channel of Biblical instruction (Colossians 3:16)

Music is an evidence of Spirit-filled lives (Ephesians 5:18-19)

Music is an avenue of Christian service (Psalm 100:1, 2)

Music is an appropriate way to testify and express faith in Christ (Acts 16:25-30; I Peter 2:9)

Music is an indication of joyfulness (James 5:13)

Music is a source of comfort and encouragement (I Samuel 16:23)

Strengthen relationships among older and younger listeners.

To increase awareness of music’s role in teaching the faith.

To increase awareness of the vastness of “church music.”